Hydrogen POS

Accept card payments in-store seamlessly with Hydrogen POS.

Hydrogen POS?

Easy to use for all kinds of business, this POS can be set up to do just what your business needs—it’s already worked for all businesses. 

Check out some of the features that makes selling easy with Hydrogen POS.

Accepts all Cards

Accept credit and debit cards from major card schemes.


Built to use WiFi to guarantee dependable network access

Ease of Use

Touchpad/Keyboard makes it easy to process transactions

Pre-activated Sim Card

With a Pre-activated SIM card, you can start taking payments straight immediately.

Real-time reporting

Offers real-time reporting, allowing you to keep track of your transaction history

Android App available

Includes an app that enables you to manage your transactions from a mobile device.

Talk to us about tools and rates customized for your needs.

Hydrogen Instantpay


  • Step 1: Go to your browser 
  • Step 2: Type this link into your browser https://register.hydrogenpay.com/self-onboarding   
  • Step 3: Fill in the form with the required documents 
  • Step 4: Get verified and receive your login details 
  • Step 5: Make payment (you can either select the lease payment method or one-off payment method) 
  • Step 6: Get your POS and a free decal delivered to your doorstep.
  • Step 1: Unbox the POS 
  • Step 2: Press and hold the power button 
  • Step 3: Initiate the Hydrogen app 
  • Step 4: Select “Purchase” 
  • Step 5: Enter the transaction amount and press “Enter” 
  • Step 6: Insert card, type PIN & press “Enter” 
  • Step 7: Print customer copy and Print merchant copy 
  • Step 8: View transactions for the day: Go to “End of day” and print. This shows you the count of all your successful and failed (if any) transactions for the day 

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