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payment solutions.

We are a payment services company offering online and offline payment solutions to make your business efficient, grow consumer insights and create a user experience which guarantees customer satisfaction.

Card Management

Card Management

At Hydrogen, we manage the processing of card transactions such as card authorization and authentication, taking away the hassles of card management, thus, availing you more time and resources to focus on your business.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

We provide payment gateway services to businesses, fostering e-commerce and enabling seamless electronic payments for digital-centric businesses.

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Switch Services

At Hydrogen, we offer switch services, including Account and Card related solutions. We also provide web payment gateway services, guarantying high transaction success rates and uptime.

Our Vision

To build Africa’s most powerful
business services network.

Our Purpose

We exist to propel Africa into a brighter future.

Our People

Our people are Team Players, Pioneers, and High Performers, ensuring unrivalled service delivery.

Why Us?

We offer best-in-class payment services to businesses, enabling business growth and productivity.

We make it easy. We get it right. We get it done.

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Providing businesses with simplified payment solutions